muchmore_much more的用法是什么

much more后面接多音节形容词或是副词,也可以接可数名词复数或是不可数名词,more是much或是many的比较级;

much more的用法

much more后可接一个不可数名词,如 much more milk;

much more可以修饰形容词和副词,表示“更加”,如much more expensive

同类的还有far more,even more,still more 等

例句:We need much more help than you. 我们比你们需要多得多的帮助。

带有 more 的一些常用词组

1、Have you any more paper? 你还有纸吗?

2、I saw him no more. 我再也没见到他了。

3、It is more than probable that he will I fail. 十之八九,他会失败。(本义为:他非常可能失败。)

4、The book seems to be more a text-book than a grammar. 看来这本书与其说它是语法书,不如说它是本教科书。

5、She is more of a writer than a teacher. 与其说她是教师,还不如说她是作家。

6、She is more witty than wise. 与其说她聪明,不如说她机智。(本句是两个作表语的形容词在比较,用 more 表示前者多或大于后者。)

7、This product is of high quality, and what is more, it is very cheap at that price. 该产品质量高,而且价格又很便宜。

8、Science is much more than a mere accumulation of carefully collected facts. 科学远远不止是细心搜集到的事实的积累。

9、The population of the city has more than doubled (或 tripled) in the past twenty years. 在最近 20 年中该城市人口已增加一(或两)倍多。(注意 more than 修饰动词 double 或 triple。)

10、Don't ask her to with draw her suggestion, or she will stick to it all the more. 不要请她撤回她的建议,否则她会越加坚持了。