关于”是什么导致了人们的非理性行为“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:What causes people’s irrational behavior。以下是关于是什么导致了人们的非理性行为的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:What causes people’s irrational behavior

Contact with violence will not increase aggression, but aggression will increase children’s preference for violent TV. Observation is considered as a novel aggressive behavior, and indirectly understand that the more a child can connect with the role in the program, the aggressive behavior will be rewarded, and the more likely he / she is to imitate the role’s action, not only can the child’s action reflect the program he / she watches, but also watch the violence Power programs can lead to desensitization. It is generally believed that TV habits will have a harmful impact on psychology.

With the progress of science and technology and the increase of violent entertainment, this kind of influence may be devastating. The pictures are more and more visualized, and the description of violence is more and more real. Watching TV has different effects on children of different ages, and children may spend a lot of time in front of TV when they are young At the age of two, the program has little effect.

A child will imitate the actions of a live model. For example, a parent is not only a model on TV, but by the age of three, the child will begin to imitate the characters on TV. The attitude towards TV will change greatly with the child’s life.

When studying the impact of television, we need to consider different points. Some problems will affect people in different ways. However, most parents don’t realize that whether aggression is presented in a realistic way or in a cartoon, there is no difference for a child who is hard to distinguish the two GREs.




Some people think that video s are fun and sometimes educational for children. Some people think that addiction to video s can lead to lower grades. What do you think is the problem with computer s? What can help young people build self-esteem? Games provide an opportunity to escape from the real world and relax their anger.

In other ways, complex s can be useful in encouraging attitude change, supporting the development of critical thinking, problem solving and developing decision- skills. Immediate feedback and a risk-free environment can lead to exploration and experiment, stimulate curiosity, discover that learning and perseverance simulation s enable people to participate in learning activities, otherwise the resource cost is too high or too erous, it is difficult or impractical to implement in class, and difficult to complete in other ways: because of opposing self-esteem, bullying, escaping, confronting, relaxing, and adding Research on the psychosocial tendency of critical thinking in TV series N aggressive behavior experiment n cumulative adj curiosityn replacement VT persistence n simulation realization VT antagonism video addict may be the bully among his or her peers, and is more likely to confront the teacher. It is said that frequent use of computer s can aggravate negative psychosocial tendencies (such as those inclined to social isolation or even violence).

Violent video s may have many problems with the increase of aggressive behavior. With regard to the cumulative effect of video s, the time spent on computers on computers and television is unbalanced and replaces the use of work, school, friends, and even home computers Using is beyond the scope of work and is now the main source of entertainment and entertainment for many people.


有人认为电子游戏对孩子们来说都是有趣的,有时也很有教育意义。有人认为沉迷于电子游戏会导致成绩下降你认为电脑游戏的问题是什么可以帮助年轻人建立自尊游戏提供一个逃离现实世界的机会,让愤怒得到放松从其他方面来看,复杂的游戏在鼓励态度转变、支持发展批判性思维、解决问题和发展决策技能方面都是有用的。即时反馈和的环境会引发探索和实验,激发好奇心,发现学习和毅力模拟游戏使人们能够参与到学习活动中,否则资源成本太高或太危险,在课堂上实施困难或不切实际的,以及用其他方式难以完成的主题词和表达:因为反对自尊欺负n逃避n对抗n,放松,加剧vt批判性思维心理社会倾向探究n攻击性行为实验n累积性adj curiosityn置换vt坚持性n模拟游戏实现vt对抗电子游戏成瘾者可能是他或她的同伴中的欺凌者,更容易与老师对抗。



My habit is to masturbate in airplanes. Masturbation is also called masturbation. In a narrow sense, it refers to touching and stimulating one’s genitals with one’s hands to satiy one’s psychological needs.

In order to satiy ual pleasure and behavior, touching the self and mutual stimulation between genitals and other sensitive parts can be regarded as masturbation. Masturbation is a kind of self venting ual behavior Masturbation is common among young people and old people of different ages. The most common masturbation among agers is from childhood.

However, in childhood, it is mostly due to some activities, such as playing with genitals, wearing tight pants, rubbing and climbing pole, which stimulate the ual organs and cause ual pleasure of men and women. It is because of physiological changes in the body, natural impact will occur Move and demand, at this time in a tense state, full of desire for ual problems, curiosity, fantasy become an instinct, they will begin to consciously masturbate in the natural physiological and psychological.