关于”人文学科的重要性“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:The importance of Humanities。以下是关于人文学科的重要性的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The importance of Humanities

University pressure I see that there are two kinds of pressure on college students today: economic pressure and parental pressure. It’s easy to look for rebels everywhere, accusing universities of charging too much and parents pushing their children too far. But there are no rebels.

There are only victims who are under heavy pressure to find jobs for students who are just about to graduate. If I were an employer, I would rather hire graduates with this breadth and curiosity than those who narrowly pursue safety subjects and high scores. I know countless students whose curiosity makes me happy.

I like to listen to their ideas. I don’t know whether their grades are a or C. I don’t care.

I also like that their country needs them. They will find satiactory jobs. I tell them to relax.

They can’t and can’t blame them. They live in a cruel economy. Even if he works part-time in University and works full-time in summer vacation, he can increase loans after graduation and encourage them Going to the world, he has fallen behind.

How can he not feel the pressure of the whole university preparing for this day? The economic pressure and the pressure of parents are very important. The two are deeply integrated poor students. They are trapped in one of the oldest online love, responsibility and guilt parents.

They are trying to guide their children to a safe future, but they are Their sons and daughters want to major in history, classics or philosophy, and have no “practical” value. What’s the reward for humanities? To convince these loving parents that the humanities can really give them the ability to learn creative leaders in such fields as history and classics, just business or almost any other field.





Health also includes mental health, which is another important guarantee for people’s life and work. Experts suggest that we keep a calm, peaceful and open mind and try to avoid extreme emotions, such as anger, extreme sadness and excent. Therefore, sports such as Taijiquan and tourism are not only popular in China, but also benefit from them in other countries.




Although it is not necessary for them to invest a lot of time and money in college or university to go to college or university for four years, it is not necessary for them to invest a lot of time and money in college or university In the four years of University, it is necessary for students with more humanities background to explore humanities in a different university and humanities education background, in a different university or four years. It is also necessary to participate in various academic courses in professional fields such as business and engineering, so as to provide important background for specific occupation Scenery. The second important argument about the value of university is that people with a university degree have better job opportunities and higher income level than those with only high school or vocational education.

Therefore, university means better quality of life. Job opportunities and starting salary are usually good university degrees, while the employment prospects may not be so optimistic. Those with only high school diploma usually have higher income level It is beneficial for our social progress to provide labor with certain knowledge and skills.

Students in the University for more than four years to exercise their thinking, develop strategies to deal with difficult problems, they are likely to a lot of skills and strategies after graduation, these skills and strategies can be tranerred to the future life, whether in work or in personal life, which will definitely contribute to the progress of the world. In short, there are many good arguments for the value of university education. Moreover, the benefits far outweigh the problems and costs.

I firmly believe that everyone who wants a bright future should go to university.