关于”有关防疫措施“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Epidemic prevention measures。以下是关于有关防疫措施的初三英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Epidemic prevention measures

Before you start reading, you should know this: learning English requires action. You may know all the learning skills, but if you don’t start doing things, you will achieve nothing. Therefore, our method is not only for reading, it is for reading and doing.

You need two things to learn English well. Passion and effective learning methods and passion are more important reasons, because Passion makes you want to learn English, and the learning method only tells you how to learn English faster if you love learning: you will do it often and spend more time learning English. It will be easier for you to remember new words and grammatical structures because it is easy for the brain to remember information about subjects you like (for example, some people like history, if you tell a “normal” word, They will know everything about World War II.

“Remember all these facts, they will never do it. We know that you may not like learning English. Even if you love it, you will not want to do it sometimes.

That’s the principle of human psychology. Sometimes we are so lazy and boring. When you don’t want to learn English, even if we don’t want to do what we like, we will Very tired.

Imagine yourself in the future, imagine that you can talk to native speakers like your mother tongue, imagine that other people want to speak English, you can also imagine the possibility of writing to people from all over the world. You should know that learning English is possible, just look at other people who have learned English( http://wwwcom.




E4be5be: in modern social activities, the arbitrary disposal and disposal of goods is common, especially in the period of product use increasing rapidly. According to the ysis of covariance, British people discard diapers every year. For a period of time, Japanese companies distribute millions of pieces of CD and mercury free of charge in addition to the fountain can handle Battery, every year, Americans abandon razors and use segmented batteries for polystyrene plastic packaging and paint bottles.

They also provide a monthly picnic for the world’s population. Once a production of and plastic can be used. Although for a period of time, the products really meet the special needs of people, and a lot of resources and resources are wasted The amount of garbage increases the burden of the environment and even brings pollution to the environment.

China is a big country with more than ten people. If we promote the use of primary materials, the consumption will be huge, which will not only cause waste of resources, but also bring unexpected disasters.




This weekend, I have a plan. If tomorrow is a sunny Saturday morning, I will visit my grandparents. After lunch, I have good friends.

I will go to the movies and football night. I can stay at home and watch cartoons. On Sunday, I will go fishing with my father.

After that, I will go home to do my homework. I hope I can have a good weekend. Many people like it.

But I’m very busy on weekends. On Saturdays, I have to go to English class from 8:00 to 11:00. Then I go home from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

for lunch. I go to math class. I go to piano class at 4:00.

Then I go home for dinner at 5:00. Then I can watch TV for half an hour. Sometimes I do some homework.

On Sunday, I do my homework or help my mother do housework How poor am I? The weekend is coming. I will have a happy weekend on Saturday morning. I will do my homework.

Then, I will go out to play and read books in the bookstore. On Sunday morning, I will have dinner outside with my parents. I will go to the library or do my homework.

After that, I will listen to music in the afternoon. I will go shopping with my mother. I like shopping very much.

This is me Happy and busy weekend. Do you like this weekend.