关于”中国文化与西方的差异“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Differences between Chinese culture and Western countries。以下是关于中国文化与西方的差异的小升初英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Differences between Chinese culture and Western countries

Chinese culture Chinese culture is one of the oldest and most complex civilizations in the world. China has a rich history of art, philosophy, politics and scientific progress. Although regional differences provide a diversity, language and religion share a unique culture.

Confucianism and Taoism are the official philosophies throughout the history of Chinese imperialism and have a strong impact on other countries in East Asia. With the rise of western economic and military power, ing the Confucian text provided the primary standard for entering the imperial bureaucracy. From the middle of the century, the western social and political organizational has won supporters in China.

Some of these reformists refuse to accept China’s cultural heritage, while others seek to combine the advantages of Chinese and Western cultures.




The cultural difference between China and the west is a very complicated problem, which can not be explained in such a short article. But I want to talk about it in my own words. My view is that, with the advancement of globalization, more and more common ideas and values are recognized by all countries.

Globalization may include , security, prosperity, equality, fraternity, etc. Although the extent to which these ideas are accepted or how to re evaluate them is still a question. In the purely Eastern context, I do not think that there is one One kind of cultural is superior or inferior than another, but there are some deep-rooted things in Chinese people’s thought.

Even the influence of immigration and culture can not completely eliminate it. An interesting person may have something to do with this topic. He mentions in his biography Yao Ming, a giant basketball player who now plays for the Houston Rockets.

He recalls how difficult it was at first for him to shout “basketball shouldn’t be playing here silently.” his coach said, “I understand it’s very impolite to shout in Chinese culture, but if you don’t do it I’ll yell at you.





Nothing in the world is absolute, everything is relative, and cultural differences are no exception. As the general mode of human behavior and its products, culture has surpassed geographical boundaries and historical conditions in many aspects. With the development of global economy and the rapid and convenient modern communication, transportation and mass media, cultural exchanges have become increasingly frequent, unprecedented in scale, scope and speed, and universal in culture It is an inevitable trend to strengthen and reduce cultural differences.

It is not surprising to see that a unique phenomenon exists in another culture. Therefore, some people even worry that when the behavior of all different nationalities is completely inconsistent, the world will become boring, the cultural accumulation formed over a long period of time is not easy to remove, the cultural tradition handed down from generation to generation has strong consistency and continuity, and the culture of different regions and different nationalities still has its uniqueness. Therefore, the research is different under the background of universality and universality The main differences between Chinese and Western cultures can be expressed by linearity and circularity.

Western culture is a general term here. Put aside its internal regional differences and compare it with Chinese culture, a circle is a circle, and a line is a long and narrow continuous mark. The comparison between the linearization of western culture and the circulation of Chinese culture is reflected in the world outlook, core values, time outlook and thinking mode.