关于”家庭责任感“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Family responsibility。以下是关于家庭责任感的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Family responsibility

Marriage is very important to everyone’s life. After all, two people need to make full psychological and material preparation. Marriage is the beginning of a new life.

Many things can’t be as free as before marriage. Then, choice will condense some factors. It’s easy to get married and easy to divorce.

You must be careful. From now on, you will choose to take care of parents, children and wife more and more With your huand, you not only think that you have to take the responsibility of the family, especially the relationship between huand and wife will directly affect the harmony of your family. Some researchers say that true love may only last for three years, and family love will last for so many years, because this feeling is the sense of responsibility and kinship built up by modern people.

Many people have less responsibility and prefer to enjoy and leave In fact, both huand and wife should learn to share their obligations and try to learn how to treat their lovers, especially when doing housework.




We Chinese attach great importance to the sense of responsibility. It is our traditional Chinese custom to take care of our parents. In the process of our growth, we owe them a lot of love.

It’s right. Then, when they get old day by day, we help them to get such care. As a loyal Chinese citizen, we should repay the one they give us Some love and care, we must have a strong sense of responsibility for our country, therefore, we have the responsibility to keep China strong in the world, we must study and work hard for China’s prosperity, China’s prosperity depends on advanced science and technology, we must be willing to join the army to defend the country, in short, if we are threatened by the aggressors, we should do a responsibility Responsible citizens, we must ultimately put the welfare of our country above our own needs.

We must remember that we are responsible for the world we live in, and we must learn to live in peace with the rest of the world and protect our environment. If we fulfill these responsibilities, we will be respected citizens of our country.




Specifically, as a contemporary college student, we have a sense of responsibility for ourselves, our family, our society and our country. Contemporary college students have higher requirements for self-design, self realization and self-worth development, but their sense of responsibility is constantly improving. Their sense of responsibility is not strong in family, love, marriage, work, collective and cooperation.

The sense of responsibility is improving, but the sense of social responsibility needs to be strengthened. This is the reason for the lack of students’ sense of responsibility: first, second, the relationship between students and society Direct communication is less and less. Students can’t understand the society through limited social activities.

They don’t have a high sense of responsibility for society. Subculture prevails on campus. Multi culture and network culture are also forming their own culture.

Many of them are literature and film works. They have long-term contact with literature and electricity with individualism and liberalism In film works, you may have extreme ideological consciousness. For example, you attach too much importance to the success and failure of idiots, personal feelings, and even neglect the collective interests of contemporary college students.

You have become and have to be the subject of responsibility, because you have attainments and civic awareness. You must have a sense of responsibility and know the relationship between rights and obligations that many people will say. Obviously, The responsibility of students is to learn all subjects well and to be a good learner.

This is right, but it is not enough. The responsibility of students is far beyond learning. We must pay close attention to the job market.

If what we learn means it is difficult to find a job, then we can either change the topic, or change the topic, or do another survey to find out where to work and live Otherwise, we may be trapped in a big city and become a bee like worker who doesn’t know which cell to live in, female students. We have to look around and find a good boyfriend, or we will become bachelors. You know, we have a lot of responsibilities.