关于”如何看待少即是多的观点“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:How to treat the view that less is more。以下是关于如何看待少即是多的观点的托福英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:How to treat the view that less is more

A job with long vacation time but low salary is better than one with high salary but less vacation time. One of the characteristics of modern working mode is that people enjoy more and flexibility in choosing the job they like. This feature often happens.

Modern job seekers choose a job with rich salary and few holidays, or choose a job with low salary but less leisure time Whether people should have more to offer attractive financial incentives to their counterparts in a job with low salary and less vacation time. Many people prefer to find a well paid job. Although they may have less time at their disposal, they never lack financial incentives Debating and arguing; a lot of money can improve the quality of life and receive a high-quality education; when people are old, smell the flowers and the holidays are coming, take a few days off in luxury seaside resorts V take their salary as a sign of happiness V meager salary = have a low paid job v M + desire = meager adjustment, enjoy more = have more time to control themselves V enjoy the flexibility of work V have flexible working hours V have more time to allocate to their families, friends or hobbies, high salary career shows that the social status is very high, can win the respect of others, some top stars or financially richer business leaders can occupy their time constructively It provides a good example for the rich business leaders.

It makes people satiied and has no time to be bored. Busy life is the goal that everyone pursues. As long as the workload is not excessive, even the most boring work in the world is more painful than doing nothing = if.


一份休假时间长但薪水低的工作要比薪水高但休假时间少的工作好现代工作方式的特点之一是人们在选择自己喜欢的工作时享有更多的自由和灵活性这一特点经常发生,现代求职者在面对选择一份薪水丰厚、假期少的工作,还是选择一份薪水微薄但闲暇时间少的工作,一份薪水不高,休假时间少的工作,一份薪水微薄,闲暇时间少的职业,在这个问题上人们是否应该有更大的自由度可以给他们提供的经济激励的对应方,许多人宁愿找一份高薪的工作,尽管他们自己支配的时间可能更少,但他们从来都不缺乏经济激励的辩论和争论;挣大钱可以提高生活质量,接受高质量的教育;当人到老年时,闻闻花香假期来临时,在豪华的海滨度假胜地休息几天v把他们的薪水作为幸福的标志v微薄的薪水=有一份低薪的工作v m+渴望=微薄的调整享受更多的自由=有更多的时间自己支配v享受工作的灵活性v有灵活的工作时间v有更多的时间分配给他们的家庭、朋友或爱好高薪的职业表明社会地位很高,可以赢得别人的尊敬一些明星或经济上更富有的商业领袖可以通过建设性地占用时间来为富有的商业领袖提供一个很好的例子,使人心满意足,无暇无聊忙碌的生活是每个人追求的目标,是每个人追求的目标,只要工作量不过分,即使是这个世界上最枯燥的工作也比无所事事更痛苦=如果。


Do you feel that there is a lot of pressure in your life to go to school, go to college, find a job, buy a house, start a family, and then raise children. It seems that our life is very busy. The endless responsibilities of travel can help us relieve the pressure.

We can have the opportunity to see the world, broaden our horizons, and find out who we really are. When it comes to travel, some people may make excuses to say that it is too expensive, and then Finally, the travel plan becomes a piece of . If we didn’t look forward to buying a house and starting the Chinese dream, we only took out a small part of the money, packed the suitcase, set out on the road, and then started our journey.

Such a and fast travel abroad can also make you stay at home for a long time and experience the taste of home. Naturally, we will quarrel, and then start to hate our family members If we just travel and leave home for a period of time, our mood will be different. We will miss our family, and then go home sweet home.

Family ties will be closer. Travel is a good way to relieve our stress, so let’s have an excuse to travel and give up.




With the development of network chat, network chat is becoming more and more popular. However, people’s views on it vary from person to person. Some people think that it has more problems than benefits.

It does not produce any useful information and products. It is a waste of time, energy and money. It misleads users, because cyberspace is actually an illusory or fictitious one Virtual space, but the advocates of online chat support it, because it is another exciting and relaxing way of entertainment.

It helps users release their emotions and worries freely and safely. As far as I’m concerned, it is very useful and wonderful. Whether online chat is good or bad depends on the people who do it.

As long as we can control ourselves, we can use it scientifically and appropriately It has a bad effect on students. We have a lot of exams / tests every semester. Now they are used to check / check / measure the students’ learning.

Examinations and tests are very useful tools for education. However, the examination itself has some side effects. First of all, some examinations can not reflect the real progress of students, some examinations are too difficult or too many to force students to cheat, and too many examinations force students to study for examination.

In my opinion, the advantages of examination far outweigh its disadvantages. In general, the examination can test and show the scientificity and accuracy of students’ learning So far, at least, there is no way to replace them in education. In addition, the examination is fair to all students, because the examination is objective and everyone is equal before the test results.

In short, tests may exist in our education for a long time before they are replaced by better measurement methods.