《How can you improve your English?》教案_教师资格面试初中英语

Teaching aims:

1. Students will grasp the target expressions about asking questions, and get some methods to learn English.

2. Students can improve their speaking skills.

3. Students can foster their awareness of taking part in different kinds of class activities.

Key and difficult points:

Key point:

To express their opinion and ideas fluently about how to learn English.

Difficult point:

To improve students’ awareness of taking part in different kinds of class activities.

Teaching procedures:

Step 1: Warming-up

1. Greetings.

2. Invite students to watch an English video chosen from American dreams in China, in which the main character is delivering an English speech. He speaks English fluently and confidently. Encourage students to talk about the reason why he speaks English so well.

Step 2: Pre-speaking

Read the dialogue for students and ask them to answer two questions:

Q1: How can you improve your English? (We can watch TV programs on CCTV 9.)

Q2: Where can you read books, newspapers or magazines? (At the library.)

Invite several students to share their ideas. Conclude some useful expressions for students.

Step 3: While-speaking

Five minutes for students to make a new conversation about how to improve English. Remind students to pay attention to their pronunciation and intonation.

Step 4: Post-speaking

Invite some students to share their conversation in front of the class. Give some positive evaluations to help them build confidence in speaking English.

Step 5: Summary and homework

Summary: invite a student to be a little teacher and summarize today’s lesson. Ask students to learn English by using proper and reasonable methods.

Homework: ask students to learn an English song and share next class.

Blackboard design:

Teaching reflection