《Class 9 School Trip》教案_教师资格面试初中英语

《Class 9 School Trip》教案_教师资格面试初中英语,为大家进行录制教师资格面试备考系列视频,希望对各位考生有所帮助。以下为《Class 9 School Trip》教案_教师资格面试初中英语。

Teaching aims:

1. Students can understand the content of the reading material.

2. Students can master time sequence words, which show the order of events, such as “first”, “then”, and “after that”.

3. Students can get the main idea and detailed information about the passage.

4. Students can foster their awareness of getting in touch with new things, broadening their horizons and increasing their knowledge.

Key and difficult points:

Key point:

To understand the reading material.

Difficult point:

To foster their awareness of getting in touch with new things, broadening their horizons and increasing their knowledge.

Teaching procedures:

Step 1: Warming-up

1. Greetings.

2. Let students enjoy a song named Young for you and ask them what the song is talking about. The song goes like this:

Sunday’s coming I wanna drive my car

to your apartment with a present like a star

Forecaster said the weathers will be raining hard

but I know the sun will shine for us

Ask students to answer the question: whether people in the song had a good time. Then tell them that Class 9 also had a good time on the school trip and lead in the topic.

Step 2: Pre-reading

Introduce some new words to students such as “aquarium”, “dolphin” and “octopus” by drawing stick figures on the blackboard.

Step 3: While-reading

1. Global reading

Read the passage for the students for the first time and find out the timeline of the passage. And emphasize words and phrases that can indicate time.

Then invite one student to write the answer on the blackboard.

2. Detailed reading

Ask students to read the passage in 5 minutes for the second time and find out the details of each time point.

Then lead students to finish the timeline on the blackboard.

Step 4: Post-reading

Ask students to retell the story according to the key words on the blackboard in groups of four. 5 minutes will be given. When retelling the story, they can use the time sequence words. And then invite some of the students to share.

Step 5: Summary and homework

Summary: invite a student to be a little teacher and summarize today’s lesson. Ask students to get in touch with new things, broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge.

Homework: ask students to write a short essay about one of their happy trips and share them in tomorrow’s class.

Blackboard design:

Teaching reflection